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What is Obsidian?/ The what, why and who

Obsidian is a Java-based task/job scheduler, so it allows you to run jobs at recurring times, like Quartz or cron4j. It supports native, configuration-free clustering to provide fail-over and job-sharing. In addition, it provides a full UI, job chaining, and event notifications which are lacking in other popular schedulers.

Obsidian consists of two main parts - a scheduler service which runs jobs, and an admin web application which provides a UI to configure and monitor the scheduler. These can be run together or separately. You can even embed the scheduler into your existing application.

Obsidian goes beyond simple scheduling functionality and offers solutions to problems with ease-of-use, monitoring and reliability.

Organizations often neglect to weigh the cost of maintaining and operating their scheduling solutions, and end up spending significant resources on extending libraries like Quartz. Obsidian's features were carefully selected and designed to minimize the cost of running a scheduler while providing enterprise-level functionality.

Obsidian Scheduler is used by companies worldwide, from non-profits to Fortune 500 corporations. Many of our customers are happy using the free single-node installation, while others make use of Obsidian’s reliable clustering and fail-over.

While Obsidian can be considered a Quartz alternative, Quartz is mainly an embedded library that provides you with the ability to schedule recurring jobs. Developers still have to integrate it into their application and write their own code to do things like event notifications, job chaining, etc. In addition, database usage and clustering require additional configuration and, in our opinion, the available UIs are incomplete. Quartz focuses primarily on the job execution side of scheduling, and provides extension points for developers to customize behaviour according to their needs.

Conversely, Obsidian is designed from the ground-up to provide clustering, chaining, a complete UI, event notifications and more, right out of the box. While Obsidian is also embeddable, it is intended to provide a complete solution to job scheduling, including monitoring, high availability, and recovery. It is designed based on years of industry experience dealing with issues of reliability and operations issues.

Obsidian doesn't just make your developers more productive, it eliminates work for your whole IT department by making the information they need to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly available at a moment's notice.

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