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The logs tab provides you access to see scheduler events at various severity levels.

This screen lists log entries based on the selected date range and other criteria.



Fields shown in the log table are:

  • Log time
  • Host
  • Category (the event classification)
  • Severity level
  • Log Summary (may be truncated)
  • Log Message (may be truncated)


Log records can be filtered by Date and Time. From and To fields will show user-friendly time selectors which enforce a valid date range. If you cannot select a date in the past or future, it is because the date widget is enforcing a valid time, and you may need to edit your From or To times appropriately.

In addition, before querying, filter text can be supplied which matches on either the log message or summary. The wildcard character '%' may be used along with regular characters.

Filters by Severity Level, Category and host are also supported. In the case of each, All or None links at the top of the selector allow you to easily make multiple selections or deselections. The selector title will indicate how many options are chosen at a given time.

Below the filters is a selection box which allows you to choose an auto-refresh interval, so that your results will be constantly updated. You can turn this off by selecting "Don't auto-refresh". Note that auto-refresh will cause your session to stay active indefinitely, so you will remain logged in.

The Refresh button is used to refresh the log results table. You may get a notice indicating the search results show too many records. In this case, you may wish to adjust your filter settings.

You may page through results using the paging at the top right of the table, and filter the table's records using the filter input box.


Exporting Results

The current contents of the table can be exported to Excel, CSV or XML by clicking on the corresponding icon in the table header. The download will automatically begin and will include all pages of the current table of results.

Log Details

Records within the Log table show a (+) sign to indicate the row may be expanded to see additional details. This will include a unique log identifier, the log time with time zone and full summary and message if they have been truncated. Click the (+) icon to expand the record, and (-) to collapse it.

Recent Failures

A recent failures box will show below the filter options to bring to the user's attention any recent errors or warnings that have been logged. Clicking the detail record will show an overlay with detailed information, as shown below. The overlay may be resized by dragging on the bottom right corner, and closed by clicking the X in the top right corner.